Toledo City Gourmet 2016

The Toledo city has been selected Gastronomic Capital 2016 in a ceremony held this morning at the headquarters of the Spanish Federation of Hospitality, a news that has been received with great enthusiasm in the city of Toledo and the hospitality sector of the city, where they had worked hard on make a good program that would help to stand out above the other candidate, la ciudad de Huelva.

The jury praised the «creative combination of cultural heritage and gastronomy offered by Toledo», which receives three million visitors by year, and support of prestigious chefs that supported the candidacy every year. It has also recognized Huelva city as a «worthy competitor» and a «very difficult to beat».

As the newspaper ABC advance the candidacy of Toledo has significant support, as the group of World Heritage Cities, Network of Jewish Quarters in Spain «Caminos de Sefarad», Foundation El Greco 2014, Royal Academy of Gastronomy of Spain or Family Travel Network, among others. Also highlights the support of Famous Spanish restaurateurs Adolfo Muñoz, Pepe Rodríguez Rey, Carlos Maldonado, Javier Cerdeño, Javier Brichetto y José Carlos Fuentes.